Church Groups

In St. Monans the session consists of 14 members and the Congregational Board has 28 members. In Largoward the six elders undertake both duties.

The Guild
The Guild meets in St. Monans every week from October to June at 7pm. It has over 40 regular members. In the summer months the congregation and community support their weekly coffee evenings which regularly raise over £2000.

Sunday School on a Wednesday.
This meets in the church hall from 3-4pm during term time. Over 30 children attend. Largoward Sunday School meets in the village hall at 11am and then joins the first part of the church service. Sunday school children in both congregations play a special part in church services at Easter, Mothering Sunday, Prize-giving, Harvest and Christmas. Children from both Sunday schools share parties and trips.

House Group
Our Bible study and discussion group of around ten people meets every second Monday evening at 7.00pm in "Inverie".Contact Nora Gardner.

Pastoral Care Group
The elders each have their district which they visit. In addition in St. Monans there is a valuable pastoral care group, presently ten members, who regularly visit 30-40 folk.

Coffee and Co
A weekly coffee morning is held on Wednesdays in Largoward village hall from 10.30 to 11.30am to provide fellowship for parishioners and outreach to the village.

Friends of the Old Kirk
This supportive group are much appreciated. They are kept in touch with a letter and copies of “Loaves and Fishes” our newsletter. One Sunday service each summer is designated as the Friends of the Old Kirk Service.

Fair Trade Group
This group operates a stall after the service once a month in St. Monans.

Nearly New Shop

Held in Church Hall in July for three weeks. Details- Contact  Myra or Christine

Largoward to St. Monans cross-country walk.

Sunday School Nativity Play about to start

Party time in St Monans Hall
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